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For 2024, HLTH is focussing on Women’s Health through a dedicated Women’s Health programme and area at HLTH Europe. With its own stage, speakers, agenda, partners and sponsors, the Women's Health Hub is your go to place to understand everything that’s moving the dial in women’s health today. 

Women spend 25% more time in ‘poor health’ than men, limiting their productivity and economic potential. Bridging this health gap could unleash a staggering $1 trillion annual boost to the global economy by 2040.

Why Women’s Health?

In 64% of health interventions with sex-disaggregated data, women face lower efficacy or lack of access, as highlighted in a recent report by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey. This alarming statistic underscores the urgent need for action. Our Women's Health Hub brought to you by Kearney aims to confront this issue head-on.

We invite innovators to take the stage and showcase recent advancements in women’s health. This platform provides an opportunity to address the myriad challenges women encounter. From celebrating groundbreaking research and increased funding to advocating for comprehensive care that recognises the diverse experiences and obstacles faced by women, our program is dedicated to driving positive change in women's health.

  • How can we ensure equitable access for all women, regardless of their socioeconomic status or location, from diagnosis to treatment? 

  • How can funding models be changed to reflect biological differences in symptoms and address diseases experienced by females? 

  • What are effective strategies for achieving an open dialogue about menstrual health, menopause and all things women’s health? 

  • What are the latest innovations in the field? And crucially, how can we close the gender gap in health?

Chronically under-researched and under-funded with significant impacts on half the world's population, it’s time to give women's health the focus it needs.

Redesigning healthcare with women in mind: Ideation workshop

Monday 17 June 2024, 2-5pm

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Join Kearney at HLTH Europe, where we’ll be running an innovative ideation workshop with a focus on “Redesigning healthcare with women in mind”.

Collaborate with global experts to ideate pan-industry solutions for five key women's health therapeutic areas: neurodegenerative disease, reproductive health, autoimmune disease, cancer and heart disease. Then join breakout groups and spend time shaping breakthrough solutions with industry peers from around the world.


The outcomes from the workshop will be shared over the following two days of HLTH Europe at the Women’s Health Hub where you will be able to continue to contribute and refine solutions.

A follow-up workshop on Tuesday 18 June will further develop the most inspiring solutions.

Final ideas will be presented on Wednesday 19 June from 11.30 am-12.10 pm. 

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