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Celebrate the creativity and resilience of individuals providing and undergoing medical treatment, while highlighting the therapeutic power of art at the HLTH Europe Art Gallery!

Calling all creators!

Nestled at the intersection of creativity and wellness the HLTH Europe Art Gallery will showcase art installations from three patient groups from across Europe, alongside digital submissions from clinicians, patients and people working in health. 

And that’s where you come in. Has art helped you through medical treatment or given you a way to relax after a busy hospital shift? Whether it’s doodling on a notepad or a fully-fledged hobby, we want to celebrate it.

Submit your artwork below to be featured live on site at the HLTH Europe Art Gallery.

Proudly partnered with

Genees-Kunst Arts and Medicine Foundation is an organisation that partners with professional artists.

These artists engage in dialogues with patients to create meaningful works of art. The foundation values both the process of interaction between patients and artists and the impactful outcomes expressed through art.

UCLH Arts and Heritage, established in 2005, is the award-winning arts programme for University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

UCLH Arts & Heritage are committed to providing a welcoming, uplifting environment for patients, visitors and staff using a varied and stimulating arts and heritage programme. It does this through weekly creative and cultural opportunities: activity such as music by patient’s bedsides; resident artist–led creative sessions; exhibitions; artistic residencies; staff arts programme and improving the physical environment through commissioning site-specific artwork. UCLH Arts & Heritage is funded by UCLH Charity and Friends of UCLH. 

What kind of art can you submit?

We are looking for a variety of paintings, sculptures, digital art, short videos and photography by anyone who has undergone medical treatment or who works in healthcare.

You don’t need to create a specific piece of artwork for the gallery (unless you want to!), you can showcase something you have already created.

If your art is not digital (for example a painting, sculpture or similar) you’ll need to upload a photo of it as a hi-res jpeg.

Do I need to attend HLTH Europe to get involved?

No, you don’t need to be a registered attendee to submit your artwork.

We’re encouraging everyone from the healthcare sector to share their art, but of course, if you want to see it on display in person, you’ll need to be a ticket holder.

HLTH Europe attendees can also get involved by uploading photos of their created artwork from the interactive workshops that will be held live at the art gallery. 

How do I submit?

If you already have a piece of artwork in mind, take a photo of it and make sure it’s hi-res. If you’d like to create something new, make sure it’ll be ready before we close submissions at midnight on 31 May 2024.

  • Complete our short form, below.

Hit submit and get ready to see your artwork on display! We will display your work in the HLTH Europe Art Gallery, live at HLTH Europe in Amsterdam from 17-20 June 2024.

Submission Highlights

Enchanting Autumn Symphony

Created by:

Angela Foster

Head of Business Management
Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber

No More Barriers

Created by:

Doug Healey

Director ICT Digital
Te Aka Whai Ora/Māori Health Authority, New Zealand

An Opioid Wasteland

Created by:

Kathleen Radcliff

Senior Public Health Nurse

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Servies Bureau of Immunizations

In Unison: The Steadfast Quartet

Created by:

Taha Kass-Hout

Chief Technology Officer
GE Healthcare

The Art of Nature

Created by:

Tamara Stipcevic

Self-Employed in Life Sciences

The Sea Within

Created by:

Nataly Dannenberg

Patient from Germany

North Berwick

Created by:


Programme Officer


Life at Desert and the Beauty of Desert

Created by:

Waheed Ali Soomro


World Health Organization

10 Minutes

Created by:

Angie Miles

Patient from the United States

Submit your art here!

To showcase your art at the HLTH Europe Art Gallery, submit a high-resolution photo of it here. Before you submit, we suggest giving our Terms of Submission a quick read.

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