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With the unique needs of the complex European health markets, the role of the employer is more important than ever before.

With one third of our lives spent at work, employers want a healthy, engaged and productive workforce. However, with the rising cost of health and medical plans, employers are seeking new ways to transform their health programs to enable economic growth, mitigate people risk and ensure prosperity for all. Employers are catalysts for accelerating this health transformation and in doing so, are helping to reshape the health industry as whole.

Join us for the Employer Experience at HLTH Europe where Mercer Marsh Benefits will host thought-provoking sessions that delve into practical advice, learnings and guidance for employers and leaders.

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What to expect?

The HLTH Employer Experience includes:

Cutting Edge Content

Forward-thinking sessions led by industry leaders who are redefining the changing employer/employee landscape

1:1 Matchmaking

1:1 meetings with solution providers who can help meet your employee health targets (through our Payer Connect programme)

Unlimited Networking

Networking opportunities for leaders of benefits, human resources, talent, wellness, people, and operations.

Topics Covered

Opportunity and threat: How healthcare advances could impact employer-sponsored health programmes

Employers as a catalyst for health transformation

Benefit plan cost containment: balancing economics with empathy

Payer Connect programme for Employers

The current health technology landscape for employers is vast and nuanced. Finding the right solutions for your needs is often a demanding endeavor. The HLTH Payer Connect programme helps you accelerate your technology due diligence by efficiently connecting senior executives and decision-makers with the latest solutions designed to solve the industry’s most complex challenges.

How does it work?

The Payer Connect programme is a curated matchmaking programme that pairs employers and benefits leaders looking for health solutions with innovators in 15-minute, 1:1 meetings.

Designed for senior executives and decision-makers to evaluate digital health solutions, the Payer Connect programme helps you accelerate your internal projects, due diligence, and strategic priorities.

What are the benefits?

- Accomplish months worth of meetings in only a few days while building a solid procurement strategy

- Accelerate your procurement process by connecting only with the technology solutions providers who can meet your needs

- Be a part of an exclusive environment to evaluate top-of-the-line technologies

- Complimentary HLTH Europe Registration for qualified buyers in exchange for meetings that you already needed to schedule

How to apply?

Senior-level benefits leaders from employers who are key influencers and decision-makers in their organisation’s purchasing decisions journey can join the programme.

Key titles include CIO, CTO, COO, CPO, VP, IT, Director of IT, Heads of Benefits, quality and risk leaders, actuaries and claims leaders, clinical leaders, and other representatives across operational, technical or financial leadership.

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