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European governments play a crucial role in fostering sustainable, efficient, and equitable healthcare systems. Technology and innovation enable this transformation when implemented at scale across borders.

In collaboration with the World Economic Forum, HLTH Europe and BCG are joining forces to establish the Health Transformation Summit to lay the groundwork for transformative action. The invite-only Summit will unite Europe’s most senior policymakers and politicians to share best practices and collaboratively chart a path towards healthcare transformation.

The Health Transformation Summit at HLTH Europe will serve as a nexus for those at the forefront of creating European healthcare policy. Over one and a half days, held under Chatham House Rule, the Health Transformation Summit will encourage candid and genuine conversations that have the potential to catalyse meaningful change for improving health outcomes.

Who will attend?

Our invite-only Summit is designed to gather Europe's most influential leaders, fostering an environment for the exchange of best practices and the collaborative shaping of the future of healthcare.


We unite key politicians from across Europe and further afield with a proven track record in healthcare, ranging from health ministers to Members of Parliament (MPs). Collaboratively, they can chart a path towards healthcare transformation.

Policymakers and regulators

Our Summit hosts seasoned policy makers, government officials and regulators at the state, federal, and multinational levels, from Europe and further afield. They come together to share their invaluable insights and best practices, and learn from one another.

Multinational organisations

Our invitations extend to influential representatives from key multinational organisations. Their presence adds a global perspective to the discussions, enabling a comprehensive approach to healthcare transformation.

What’s on the agenda?

We find ourselves at a critical juncture in the evolution of healthcare. To drive meaningful and tangible change, we have curated a dynamic agenda that confronts some of Europe's most pressing challenges head-on:

Access to the summit is by invitation only. If you are a government leader, senior policymaker, or politician passionate about healthcare transformation, we invite you to apply below.

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