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Why attend HLTH Europe?

As Europe’s most important health event, HLTH Europe will unite every part of the European health ecosystem.

HLTH Europe will bring together senior innovators from across the globe to discuss health reimbursement, preventative care measures, chronic disease management, regulation changes and more. If you’re looking for innovation solutions HLTH Europe is the only place you need to be in 2024.

Must attend payer sessions

Bridging the gap: The role of employers in delivering healthcare services

Employers are a vital component of the US health system, funding more than $1 trillion of the US health ecosystem. But Europe has, until now, had a more hands-off approach.

Health and employment are both vital, but ne'er the two shall meet. We are, as a continent, somewhat uneasy about this relationship. But as employers start to look more closely at the benefits of a healthy workforce, both mentally and physically, and the increasing number of companies offering solutions to a healthier and happier workforce, is it time to readdress this standpoint?

Every step you take: Wearables, data & responsibility

‘Congratulations, that's 10,000 steps.’

‘You've hit 84% of your cardio goal for the day, and it's only 12:00.’

‘You haven't stood up for an hour’ ’Have you drunk enough water today?’

‘Inhale. Now exhale.’

It can sometimes feel like wearables were programmed by an overbearing parent. And like any overbearing parent, they're certainly keeping a watchful eye on us all.

The data they generate can save lives. But at what cost? Who truly owns the health data our devices record? How secure is it? With whom is it shared? And to what benefit?

Goldmine or fool’s gold? Extracting value from health data

Healthcare data is a veritable feast - trillions of rows, across billions of patients, housed in millions of silos globally. It's a little-known law, but healthtech startups are now legally required to have the phrase 'data-driven' somewhere on their website, just to be able to get a seat at the table (or the next round of investment).

Data has transformed industries globally - from finance to shipping, energy to retail. Healthcare data has the power to transform our lives more than any other, but it’s still far from realising its maximum potential. Underutilised, siloed, and mired in ethical and moral debate.

To access the potential goldmine, the conversation has to finally move forward. Where will data make the most effective difference in healthcare? And how do we excavate this impenetrable goldmine?

Radical reimbursement: Why the payer-provider model needs a superhero approach

Healthcare: 2024. A frenzy of fee-for-service, spiralling costs, workforce burnout and pandemic fallout.

But look up to the skies? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s radical reimbursement! In it swoops. Caped and charismatic. Challenging the status quo. Embracing a new approach. Instead of counting pennies for every procedure, it clamours for change.

As Europe's population swells and ages, this radical rebel is needed more than ever. Rewarding providers for delivering first-class care and outstanding outcomes.

Championing patient satisfaction and cost-efficiency. Be gone, old ways – radical reimbursement is here! So how can reimbursement be repurposed to meet the needs of today’s health systems and patients? And who’s responsible for the change?

Speaker highlights for payers

Alexander Schellinger

Head of Healthcare Innovation
Die Techniker


Anne Lepetit

Chief Medical Officer

Bupa Group

United Kingdom

Caitlin Donovan

Global Head of Uber Health



Eric Carreel

Founder & Chairman



Ida Luka-Lognone

CEO Health, Board Member

Allianz Partners


John Halamka

President, Mayo Clinic Platform

Mayo Clinic


Karen DeSalvo

Chief Health Officer



Dame Vivian Hunt

Chief Innovation Officer

UnitedHealth Group

United Kingdom


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